Cookbook Review: Salad for President by Julia Sherman

This week foodies I would like to recommend this wonderful cookbook of Julia Sherman to you. She is an artist, writer, and founder of the blog Salad For President and that’s also the name of the book. Salad for President. I think it’s the best cookbook name ever. As a designer I’m very much into good graphic design. I bought this cookbook because of it’s creative salad recipes and because its beautiful design. I would say the book is a crossing between a nice coffee table book and creative recipe collection.

The book features different artists and their favourite salad creations. Some of the recipes are well known salads but there are some interesting and ingenious food pairings. I’ve decided to make the paper-thin celery root with anchovy-caper vinaigrette on page 67. I love celery, with it’s dirty skin and it’s beautiful snow-white inside. It’s a celery carpaccio with a bold and salty vinaigrette of anchovy, lime and capers. I loved this minimalistic yet so complex salad! Check it out yourself, I’m definitely going to try more recipes of this great cookbook. Salad for President!