About Veronika

Hey there, my name is Veronika and I take pictures of my food. I grew up in the Austrian Alps but now I live in Hamburg/Germany and work as a Freelance Art Director. I live with my partner on the fifth floor of a typical Hamburg old-style building. Hence the name. I love to try contemporary recipes and discover new food trends but I’m also very fond of the traditional French, Italian and Austrian cuisine.

All of my life I have loved food and even as a child I enjoyed trying new flavours and cooking with my Mum! Growing up in the Austrian Alps I was surrounded by farming and plenty of local products, something which I am very passionate about. In my recipes today I love to use fresh products which are in season and I try to cook healthy.

My Fructose Malabsorption went unidentified for nearly five years. It started with stomachache, headache, really bad skin condition and constant tiredness. It took about 10 doctors to figure out what the problem was. When I was first diagnosed with Fructose Malabsorption I got really frustrated because cooking and eating was on of my favourite things. After a strict fructosefree diet I saw some improvement and started to figure out which food worked for me. So, I got back to using my culinary skills and started experimenting in my kitchen. I was back enjoying my cooking and creating recipes that suited not only me but also my family and friends loved eating – without realising it’s fructosefree.

The blog and its recipes is not necessarily for Fructose Malabsorption sufferers. I have a wide range of recipes for all foodlovers. Most recipes are without fructose, without industrial sugar, onions or garlic! I hope you find it a great resource and inspiration and of course I would love to receive your feedback or your experiences.

Happy reading!