Spring asparagus recipes to know and love!

Springtime brings back all the fresh flavours and vibrant greens we’ve been waiting for all winter. In Germany, Austria and central Europe we get crazy especially about one certain veggie. Asparagus, not just any asparagus, but the white asparagus.

The asparagus season is short, so we are actually eating a lot of this super food during this time. The season is running from mid-April (depending on the weather) until the 24th of June. White asparagus grows underground and is always harvested by hand. While green asparagus grows above ground. Another difference is that the white spears needs to be peeled while the green asparagus only needs the lower stems peeled.

So now we are in the middle of asparagus season and I am fond of both, white and green asparagus. The classic white asparagus recipe is quite simple with melted butter and potatoes or with Sauce Hollandaise. If you are not over ‘Spargelzeit’ yet I have a few recipes for you!

Creamy white asparagus soup with chervil and peeled north sea shell prawns

Raw green asparagus salad with burrata

Asparagus Quiche

White asparagus salad with strawberries and thai basil

Beautiful asparagus risotto