White Christmas gift inspiration

Black friday has never been my cup of tea. I find it too stressful and I don’t like buying things just because they are cheap. Of course I do like shopping and nicely made things. So I made this wonderful white-themed gift guide. You can see on this list that I’m very much into white and gold around Christmas time.

Some of the items on the list I already have and I’m very fond of! And some of them are definitely on my Christmas list! I would be very delighted to see some of the items under the Christmas tree!

  1. beautiful golden salad cutlery from ferm living
  2. sweet porcelain ginger grater
  3. Teema, my favourite minimalist tableware set by Iittala 
  4. Fleur de sel from Sri Lanka
  5. Dachshund cornhob holder
  6. Design bottle opener by Hay
  7. beautiful marble rolling pin