Travel essentials for food lovers

I love to travel and get to know different countries and cultures. As a food lover, food is obviously a huge part of that. I love planning the trip and seeking out exciting meals and foreign specialities. Traveling for me means exploring markets, hidden and secret restaurant gems and of course a visit to some new restaurant concepts. This is exciting but sometimes all you need while traveling is the comforts of home. Some of these travel essentials will solve your foodie needs on vacation!

Here is my travel must-have list for food lovers with the perfect pinch of salt to a decent cocktail. Pack these travel essentials and you will experience traveling as a true foodie!

  1. Your personal chopsticks and spoon
  2. Everything you need for a decent cocktail up in the air
  3. Over 3000 restaurant suggestions from chefs
  4. No more boring airline meals with this mini maldon tin
  5. Stay hydrated while traveling with this beautiful BPA-free waterbottle
  6. My favourite travel body care kit 
  7. Beach bag, market tote, purse this is the best bag for traveling
  8. Traveling to new places is stressful for your stomach, these gut-healing probiotics are definitely on my list
  9. Also these active charcoal tablets when the food was a bit too exotic and your stomach has enough