Foodie Valentines gift guide

I don’t care much about Valentines day. And I definitely don’t go out for dinner on Valentines day when everybody wants to be extra special. I don’t mind a little attention and I really enjoy cooking together with my Valentine.

Here is my little Valentines gift list for food lovers. Pack these travel essentials and you will experience traveling as a true foodie!

  1. Beautiful Marimekko Flower mugs
  2. Lovely egg or pancake shape
  3. Ditch the truffles buy pink and rose coloured Macarons
  4. This Le Creuset heartshaped casserole will make the heart beat faster
  5. The sweetest I love you, Sweet from Ottolenghi

If you are looking for some special Valentines recipes, how about this lovely Linzer Torte or this Heart Pie!